St. Peter of Alcantara Parish Council

Date: 04/02/2017
  Time: 10:30AM

Called to Order: Pat Coomes

Attendance:  John Mitchell, Jason McPherson, Fr. Jegin, Pat Coomes, Mike Young, Terry Murphy, Dennis McKay
Special Guests/Groups:  Vicki Stogsdill, Jerome Blair

Old Business:
1.Parish Auxiliary minutes were published in last bulletin. No report from Finance Committee nor Men’s Club.
2.Remembrance plaques range from $155 for (12) name tags to $147 for (36) names. Discussion regarding criteria for being honored. Decision to table until next meeting.

New Business:
1.Pat Coomes – number of council members is (10) vs. recommended (9).  No one is sure how we got (4) in 2016.  We’ll review and discuss in next meeting.
2.Dennis McKay – Cemetery mower needs to be replaced. Advised that we have a cemetery committee that would be responsible for this decision. Dennis will contact them.
3.Jerome Blair – Lights/electrical system in church needs to be updated. John Mitchell will coordinate meeting with Andy Edelen, Pat Coomes and Jerome Blair to review and prepare discussion for May meeting.

Meeting adjourned by: Pat Coomes

Saint Peter of Alcantara Auxiliary
Meeting Minutes
April 18, 2017

Present: Father Jegin, Vicki Stogsdill, Chair, Gretchen Young, Vice Chair, Sarona Grant, Treasurer,
Betty Cecil, Joann Millay, Renee Fogle, Linnie Clary, Lee Ann Schrecker

Next meeting: May 9th, 2017 at 6 pm
Father Jegin opened the meeting with a prayer.

Gretchen agreed to take minutes since Valerie could not attend this meeting.
The minutes of March 14th meeting were approved.
Sarona gave the treasurer’s report with current balance of $10,398.58.

Old Business:
Group agreed to proceed with Kroger sign ups after Mass on Sunday. Vicki will bring her computer and ask Lee Ann to put in bulletin.
Vicki and Valerie are meeting next Monday to review the bylaws.
Group talked about what went well and what needed changes for Holy Week. There were a few recommended changes but overall the week went well.
Vicki has not made progress yet on the Bible class. Will continue to work on this.
Reenee reported that she did add one server and one interested lector with the bulletin announcement. Father will ask the confirmandi to be lectors and will hold a class for the new First Communicants to be altar servers.

Vicki will meet with Cindy to review any necessary changes needed in church cleaning.

Work progressing on job descriptions. Mary Wathen Keller provided excellent report on web administrator job. Father and others took pictures of church during Holy Week for the job description book.

New Business:
The last Faith Formation class is April 23rd. Monica Rice will be the new Religious Education Chairperson after Terry finishes her term at the end of this school year.
April 30th is Confirmation. Joann will prepare the altar. Vicki will get red and red/white carnation bouquets for altar.

May 4th first Reconciliation, no altar preparation needed.

May 7th First Communion and May crowning of Mary; Vicki will bring the bouquets for the altar. Jenny Ebelhar will help with sacristy decorations. Father will provide the statue of Mary and we have a crown for Mary already.

Lee Ann will put in bulletin for people to bring fresh flowers to Joann during May for altar. Joann and Edie provide fresh flowers during May. Others can add flowers and help.

The Spring Celebration is May 21st. Terry sent a list of some things we need to do. Will discuss at next meeting. During the spring celebration we will recognize new confirmandi, new communicants, graduates, and Sister C. J.

Discussed the grounds around the parish hall (needs weeding) and potential for trees, shrubs around church. Will need water around church. Vicki to ask Pat Coomes about hydrant near front of church. Vicki will ask Mary Keller about what might be best to grow there if we can get water. Father will ask parishioners to weed after church April 23rd (!!). Group suggested we should give everyone a heads up and will ask Valerie to send a one call alert that we will weed after church Sunday.

Adjourned with a prayer.

Some overachievers started weeding after the meeting.